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About Us

Based in Portugal since 2022, Lucky Simons has been developing and perfecting all its creative design together with local workers.

Attitude and style are important. Lucky Simon’s values the quality of textile materials follows tailoring and craftsmanship standards creating a complete harmony between the past, present and future. A Canadian‑inspired brand

Their goal꞉ Dress Man and Woman with pieces that not only remain fashionable, but whose lines are timeless.

Refined, the brand does not depend on seasonal collections.

90% of production is made in Portugal, with local workers and methods of manufacturing and developing raw materials.

Italy has been another partner, where we look to its traditional production methods of spinning and dyeing noble fabrics. As well as the production of fine leather goods.

Small‑scale production allows Lucky Simon's to dare and experiment with new ideas and concepts, as well as develop quality fabrics and finishes made to last.

Without a doubt, it makes collections more sustainable, authentic and special, thus positioning itself in a more exclusive segment of fashion.