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At LuckySimons, authenticity and quality are essential principles that we support with an innovative approach to protect our customers and ensure the integrity of each garment purchased. Our authenticity verification solution is based on a QR scanning method, providing a simple and effective experience for our consumers.

Three-Step Verification Process:

QR Scanning on the Garment Tag:

Each LuckySimons item features a unique QR code strategically placed on the label. To verify the authenticity of your purchase, simply use the camera on your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) to scan this code.

Immediate Access to Authenticity:

Once the QR code is scanned, our customers have immediate access to product authenticity information. This quick process provides the certainty that you are purchasing a genuine LuckySimons item.

Direct Dialogue and Transparency:

Beyond authenticity verification, the QR scanning method facilitates a direct channel of communication between LuckySimons and our customers. This strengthens the connection between the brand and our consumers, reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency at every step.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Experience:

At LuckySimons, our QR scanning method not only ensures the authenticity of each garment, but also reflects our ongoing commitment to quality and customer experience. This simple yet effective tool is an integral part of our dedication to offering authentic products and a direct connection with those who choose the elegance of LuckySimons.

Simple, Effective, Elegant: The LuckySimons Brand in Every QR Scan.